After Excitement

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“These are the sons… after their families, after their languages, in their lands, after their nations.” Genesis 10:31

josealbafotos / Pixabay

So… Noah and his family exited the ark. Then they multiplied. And multiplied. And multiplied.

I don’t know how much time passed but uff… what a family tree! Genesis 10 goes on quite a while detailing each and every son of a son of a son.

Then each tree ends with a phrase similar to Genesis 10:31: they spoke languages, took over lands, created nations.

That’s pretty cool.

It’s amazing how, after such a cataclysmic event like a worldwide flood, life continues. Bad memories fade. Catastrophes are replaced by mundane, daily events.

Perhaps it’s a good thing to remember that no matter the situation, “this too, shall pass.”

Life gets better again. Boring becomes the norm. It’s once again possible to sail on calm waters. (Until the next chapter, of course…)

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