Big ‘ol Storm

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WikimediaImages / Pixabay

“The waters increased and lifted up the ship.” Genesis 7:17

The storm hit. Big. A life changing tempest. Noah had to be afraid, I sure would be.

The verse up top reminded me of the day I got my cancer diagnosis. Sudden. Unexpected. Things happened fast, I really didn’t have time to be scared.

Puzzled? Yeah.

Breathless? Uh-huh.

But scared didn’t arrive until much later.

While, with all my heart, I wished for a miracle… for the docs to proclaim, “We made a mistake. You don’t have cancer,” that news never arrived.

Instead, I sat alone. In my ship. As elements beyond my control took over.

Five years later and I’m still a bit gobsmacked when I think about everything that happened.

What I learned that day… and from this verse… is that God doesn’t remove the storm. But there’s usually a way through it.

And you’ll emerge on the other side utterly changed.

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