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Leroy_Skalstad / Pixabay

All the days of Methuselah were 969 years, then he died. Genesis 5:27

So. I’m reading the fifth chapter of Genesis and I’m thinking, “Huh. We’ve got some old dudes listed here.” 

He lived a long time. “Then he died.” Methinks the writer left out a few details.

Yeah. The entire fifth chapter of Genesis lists old men siring children. Older dudes dying. Folks living for around a millennia.

I recall overhearing my mom’s friend cry about her annoying husband. 

After my mom suggested he may mellow with age, her friend cried, “He has to get nicer now! We don’t live in the time of Noah… he won’t live to be 800 or 900 years old!”

Perhaps days were shorter then.

Perhaps ancient civilizations counted time differently than we do now.

Does it matter?

As I read this, I wondered what the children of Methuselah were like. Imagine, getting your name listed in a very popular holy book without any details. It would feel surreal (assuming they were aware they made it into the Genesis story).

But, what did those kids think about life with a semi-famous historical figure?

Did they see his longevity as miraculous?

Did Methuselah live a healthy life or was he as bedridden as some of our senior citizens?

I’d love to know who the actual writer of this text was… what he/she thought about the folks listed.

So. Many. Questions.

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What do you think? How would you feel if you crafted this chapter. If you were Methuselah’s son, what are your thoughts on becoming a somewhat famous biblical character? If you were one of his daughters, what are your thoughts on being left out of the story?

This is a fun chapter to journal… perhaps even throw in some doodles.