“My punishment is greater than I can bear”

Feniks2010 / Pixabay

Oh Cain. You killed your brother. You totally ticked everyone off. Including God.

And your punishment. Oy. It was a rough read, this Genesis 4. (Yup. We’re back to Genesis again!)

And yet… I couldn’t help but notice through your cries of “my punishment is greater than I can bear,” you somehow managed. You didn’t die. You didn’t crack (that much). You’re still whining about your predicament.

Then I got to thinking…

How many times have I uttered those same words (or similar).

“This is too hard.”

“I can’t do this.”

“How much more can a person take!?!”

And yet, here I am. Just like Cain. (Actually, I haven’t killed anyone. I did get through cancer, though. That was rough…)

I’m in one piece. A little worse for wear. But… I’m alive. My family’s intact. Plus, my dog likes me!

And despite his horrid act, Cain apparently made it through his ordeal as well. But the price of his actions were definitely severe…

“My ordeal is greater than I can bear!”

How many times have you thought this? How did you endure? How did everything turn out?

Journal about it today. Perhaps throw in a few doodles… 😛