So forgotten.

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“God remembered Noah…” Genesis 8:1

jeffjacobs1990 / Pixabay

Noah and his family sat in that ark for a long time. Oh… so long. I mean it rained 40 days (and nights). Then all that water had to evaporate!

This chapter says that after 150 days, the waters started to decrease. Started.


I can’t even imagine what it must have been like.

What did they do (beyond feeding, tending, and cleaning up animal messes)? How terrified must they have been, wondering if the ark would soon turn into a very large coffin? Let’s not get into the stench of urine soaked wood/animal pens. The interpersonal conflicts between species, human squabbles, utter fatigue.

I’m sure it didn’t take long before the entire family felt alone, forgotten, neglected… 

But “God remembered  Noah.” I suppose in the long run, that was comforting.

However, does this mean that life isn’t always super-duper? Does even the most faith filled person encounter difficulties? How did Noah and his crew fill their days on that ark?

How does all this apply to your life?

So. Many. Questions… 

Journal about all this.