The Naked Dad

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aitoff / Pixabay

“Canaan is cursed. He will be servant of servants to his brothers.” Genesis 9:25

OK. I get it. Genesis 9 tells the story of the rainbow. Everyone pretty much knows the rainbow is a promise from God, one in which He mentions he won’t destroy the earth with a flood again.

But the next few versus are rather interesting as well.

Starting at the 20th verse, we discover Noah goes on a bit of a bender. He passes out. Nude.

Ham (Noah’s son) walks in and sees his dad. He exits and mentions this situation to his brothers who, very carefully, cover their father, taking steps not to view anything inappropriate.

Situation resolved? Nope.

Noah wakes up and he’s in a mood, oh so ticked off at Ham. So angry, he curses Ham’s son, Canaan. And it’s a doozie (check out the specifics in verses 26 – 27).

I can’t help but wonder about the details left out of this short, yet jaw dropping tale.

Why curse Ham’s son? What did he do?

Did he trigger an awkward relationship between the first two brothers? I’m not sure I’d want my nephew to become my servant…

Doesn’t Noah bear any responsibility for his nakedness?

This story made for some interesting doodles in my journal. I’d love to see what you came up with… :O