The Serpent was Subtle…

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Pfeilgiftfeder / Pixabay

I’ve been doodling along for three chapters now. So far, Genesis has triggered some interesting thoughts.

It’s weird. When I talked about this project, the VAST majority of Christians I spoke with told me to skip the Old Testament. “Nobody reads it,” they said, “no interest. Do something exciting… like the Gospels or Revelation.”

That sentiment still perplexes me. So I had my Doodle Bible team work on some New Testament books. But I personally wanted to start this adventure at the Beginning. Take my time. Savor history.

But, I digress.

I just Doodled Genesis Three. I’m sure you know the story. Eve meets the serpent. He tells her to eat the fruit. She does. She gets Adam to take a bite, too. Then all heck breaks loose.

Then we enter a most fascinating “pass the buck” story. God discovers the shenanigans and confronts Adam. Then, like a reverse game of “cascade the dominos,” he blames Eve who then nails the serpent.

Boom. A most unholy boomerang.

The punishment for each participant is severe. The serpent loses his legs. Eve’s in for a world of pain. Adam gets to toil.

I often wonder if any of the participants in this story could’ve alleviated a bit of their punishment had they simply owned up to their actions.

Did they get in trouble because of the whole fruit situation? I mean really. What’s the harm in nabbing an apple? (Uh… perhaps it would trigger this negative avalanche?)

Did they displease God due to their disobedience? 

Perhaps their punishment is due to the fact they didn’t own their actions.

Either way, every player in this situation failed a test of their character on more than one occasion.

Oh… and let’s not forget the serpent… oh so subtle. All his suggestions actually made sense.

kaboompics / Pixabay

“Eat some of this. It’ll be good for you!” It’s sobering to consider the potential mayhem that can result from a subtle suggestion…

I suppose that’s why it’s good to carefully consider your actions before you inadvertently trigger a cascade of dominos. 

Today, I’d suggest you read Genesis 3, perhaps journal your thoughts. What you discover may surprise you.