Yahweh was sad

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Yahweh was sad that he made man on the Earth, and it grieved him in his heart. Yahweh said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the surface of the ground; man along with animals, creeping things, and birds of the sky; for I am sorry I have made them. Genesis 6:6 – 6:7

Woah. The ultimate do-over, eh?

Thus begins Noah’s story. You know the one: he built an ark, got two of every animal, floated around awhile, then repopulated the earth.

The logistics are mind blowing… either Noah’s world was smaller than mine or his “world” included a very small portion of the planet. Or something else…

Who knows?

But what struck me were the two verses cited above.

So. Many. Questions.

I can (kinda/sorta) understand God’s frustration after the whole Cain drama. Then multiply that brouhaha by the number of folks living during Noah’s time must have been rough to watch.

But to resort to annihilating every human on the planet? Plus every animal? AND creeping things? Children? Babies? Everyone?

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That’s off the rails. Things must have been beyond bad.

I suppose the takeaway is that Noah and his family kept their heads down. Stayed out of trouble. And because they didn’t engage in whatever the rest of the populace was doing… they were saved.

But oh, the work of building a huge ark. And embarrassment. Mocking.

Yet, he quietly toiled, completing a nearly impossible task. Creating pens. Storing food for a very long trip. Gathering resources. Saying “goodbye.”

They must have looked crazy.

As I ponder this chapter, I wonder how I’d react if God requested I engage in such a task. I wonder what my neighbors would think. I wonder if I’d be faithful…

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